jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Another Day in Mom's Paradise

I went to the movies with my mom. Finding one we both want to see is tricky, since I deeply detest romantic comedies with the exception of It Happened One Night and she’d rather not watch lots of explosions. We settled on My Life In Ruins, which I hoped would be more comedy than romance like My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

It was fine. Nia Vardalos is charming. The tourists embodied their stereotypes well. Richard Dreyfuss, not surprisingly, managed to bring the needed depth to his role as wounded oracle. There are worse ways to spend an hour and a half.

Additionally, it let my mom rest without having to lie down. The radiation is making her tired. The fatigue pisses her off (not that she would use such a vulgar expression…) because she has taken the bit between her teeth about being Not Sick. I need to cajole her into resting a bit more when she’s tired and walking when she’s got energy so she can get more energy.

Today’s exciting agenda includes a visit from the pest control guy and then shopping for a protector for the white carpet. White carpet is one of those things that can set me off on a rant, but I will exercise my self-control. With luck, I’ll also get to exercise my body.

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