jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Two kinds of help needed...

Hello dear smart friends! I need to pick your brains.

Trivia question one for the day: Why a soapbox? My web surfing and dictionary riffling has informed me that soap used to come in sturdy wooden boxes that could later be turned into impromptu speaking platforms (or go-karts, for haranguing on the run...). But was soap the ONLY thing that used to come in handy wooden boxes? Why not fruit boxes? Is it just that some bystander happened to notice that the orator in question was in fact using a soapbox in a particular instance and the phrase stuck?

Probably trivial for you, but not for me, question of the day: Can someone explain to me, in words of one-syllable, or at least in severely non-technical language, how to improve my RSS feeds? I make my initial blog posts to livejournal and then RSS them over to my web page and Facebook. The problem is that my imbedded media and my photos don't tend to make the journey. That part about non-technical language is important and is what is keeping me from asking the internet. It was a major achievement for me to figure out, all by myself, how to do the RSS feed thing in the first place.

All enlightenment gratefully accepted!

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