jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Some Random Observations from Stockholm

There are ATMs here in Sweden called Bankomat. I figure it means that they launder my money for me before they give it to me. This will either prevent me from coming down with Swine Flu or cover up my career in seedy crime (Seeds grow better covered with soil, you know.).


On my tour of the palace, I became curious about why Queen Christina abdicated. What a story! Full of murder and cross-dressing! Crazy parents, at least one in a good way! Popes and philosophers! Artists galore! More fun than a season of soap operas.


I still don’t know what to call the little circle thing that perches over some vowels here, but when it’s oven an a, it makes it sound like an o.


They have a toy museum here. And the toys have been loved and played with. I knew this country was responsible for the magic of Brio trains (Syd used to call them “Dio” trains and played with them for hours…), but I have finally discovered the Dark Side of Sweden: They love Smurfs.

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