jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Ballast, Fossils, and Other Heavy Objects

Today our intrepid adventurers set forth upon a train. What’s so scary about that? Mostly the suitcase juggling. In spite of my efforts to pack light and my continued training with Heidi the Goddess of Heavy Objects, my suitcase was too heavy and unwieldy for me to manage with anything even kind of approaching grace, or even success. I estimate its weight as roughly twice my body weight, give or take five pounds.

Brent took pity on me and let me trundle his big suitcase, which only weighs one and a half times my body weight, and dealt with my behemoth and his own smaller suitcase and backpack full of bricks. (I now know why the Vasa didn’t have enough ballast: it was all in Brent’s backpack.)

The country here is almost too beautiful to be real. Thank God for graffiti around the train tracks, just to give me reassurance that the place is not entirely perfect in all respects. Almost everywhere the air actually smells like plants. There were green woods, red barns, white cows. The goats and sheep were appropriately untidy. I swear there is a law here that requires every window to be washed every day.

Here in Malmo, we have an extremely charming hotel room with shabby green brocade sofa and armchairs, a round table and chairs, a desk, and various other solid and comfortable pieces of furniture, but I have to say the ceiling is the very coolest part. It is paneled and carved and painted to look like inlay. And we have our very own crystal chandelier for the night. I took pictures, which I will share after development.

We walked through the quaint streets and through a verdant park with intriguing pubic art to visit the castle and museums. I have to like a castle museum that has not only art, but also fish and dinosaurs.

Tonight’s dinner plan is to visit Salt och Brygga, a restaurant so organic that even the staff uniforms comply. Will report back after tasting the food.

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