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Inspiration and Work

The thing about inspiration is that it inevitably leads to hard work. Seeing the Swedish way of simplicity and comfort and cleanliness created enthusiasm in my little breast to go and do likewise.

Let’s just say that my house, at present, is very un-Swedish.

However, I began at the beginning and hope to continue to the end. I’m trying not to leave tasks half-done and spread all over the place. Every time I go up or down the stairs, I’m doing my best to remember to take something with me and put it away or empty it or otherwise deal with it. And I bought more cleaner at the store yesterday along with the groceries.

Which was another inspiration point. I actually lost weight on my vacation through walking my little feet off and eating more simply and sensibly without sacrifice of flavor. I’m cooking Swedish this week and, more importantly, I planned my lunches for the first time in a long long time. Usually I eat whatever is left over or not nailed down, which tends to mean too much food of the wrong kind. This also gives me a way to get more fish into my diet, since Brent doesn’t eat fish. Before this trip, I was not particularly fond of salmon, but yesterday I poached enough for my lunches (unless T.R. is inspired to help me out with eating it, in which case my herring experiment might happen sooner than later.).

It’s all an exercise in planning and patience. I have to maintain my enthusiasm without going nuts and trying to do everything at once. Wish me luck with that…



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