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Technical Texture

As I have mentioned several zillion times, I have a love/hate relationship with technology. What I really want is machines that intuit what I want them to do. If I can’t have that, then I want the process of giving them directions to be as simple as possible and require me to learn very few technical details. This is why I am at the mercy of my machines and have to send text messages with no capital letters in them. (Please don’t explain. I will either eventually figure it out or get used to a lower case life.)

This is also why I do not progress as a photographer. Several of the folks Brent was working with in Sweden love lenses. They relax down into terminology and numerical shortcuts. They cringe when I say that I’m considering getting a zoomier lens for my camera, because I have used a descriptive rather than a quantifiable term. I know what I want to do: take pictures in which the subjects appear closer and bigger. I’m not willing to figure out, yet, the more conventional way to express that.

My friend Elizabeth already knows. She takes lovely photos. Earlier this summer I got to go along when she took photos at the beach. I brought my camera, too, which happened to be loaded with black and white film. I was not sure how my pictures would come out and treated the roll as something of an experiment.

What I got was texture. Here are three of the shots, with the usual caveat that they may not be visible unless you go look at livejournal.

This first one I like because of the round shape in the middle and the more amorphous ones around it.

The second shows the wear of the ocean on the rocks.

The third is similar, but I remember thinking when I took the picture that it looked almost like tire tracks. God seems to have been driving his Monster Truck on this piece of shore.



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