jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

The Onslaught Begins...

The pictures from Stockholm have been developed. I'll be posting a few a day for a good long time so as to avoid overwhelming anyone and to give myself time to select and arrange. Today I offer three typical tourist shots for your enjoyment.

First, I offer 7-Eleven Stockholm. Sometimes the shock of seeing something familiar is as great as the shock of the new. Slurpees exist in Sweden, but Big Gulps do not. There are take-out meatballs and licorice in more flavors than should be allowed to exist along with the usual assortment of candy and tabloids.

Then there are the photos taken to prove you actually did visit the place you went. Here is Brent in front of the fountain at the Kulturhuset.

Finally, there is the surprise interaction of cultures. Here at home, I expect fusion to exist. It is, to some extent, the point of our country. We thrive on what we borrow from everyone else in the world, except for the parts when we do our best to co-opt and exterminate other cultures. But somehow I managed to forget that other cultures do interact independently of me. Thus my delight in finding morning tai chi in the park in Stockholm.


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