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Fun with sculpture in Stockholm

Brent, as previously mentioned, spent much of his time in Stockholm in a room geeking out with his comrades. However, he did need to walk to the conference center and he did go eat with me. Two things he saw that he particularly liked are below.

In my fascination with dying technology, I was destined to notice this very decorative phone booth. Not sure about Superman's reaction, though.

Most of the Asian museum was too dark (and flash was "forbjuden") for photos, but one sculpture gallery had plenty of light. This is one of the places where the lens problem came into play. What I really wanted in the picture was the lower hand of the statue, but I could not focus in on it any closer. I like what I got just fine, but I wanted something more. Sigh.


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Aug. 25th, 2009 05:46 pm (UTC)
The rainbow bike looks like it would fit right in at Burning Man, which is much on my mind this week as I pack and load.

The "grinning lion" is a concrete traffic barricade, used to keep cars from turning into the pedestrian shopping mall. There is a pair of them on either side of the street at every intersection along the pedestrian mall. They're about 5 feet long, and a couple of feet high at the shoulder; we frequently saw kids playing on them. It's not obvious from this photo, but when you look at them straight on, the lion looks like it's grinning very contentedly as it surveys its domain... They're so much cooler than the soul-less concrete lumps so typically used for similar purposes in the US. I smiled every time I walked past one of them. I looked for a paperweight-sized version of them in shops along the pedestrian mall, but no luck...
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