jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Skansen Part One

I took a LOT of photos at Skansen because it is such a beautiful place. I'm having trouble being selective, so today I offer five photos in this post and more in the next one. It was an interesting roll.

These first two probably should be grouped with a shot from another roll, but the goal is a roll a day. Their theme would be domed things on farms (the third would be a classic haystack shot). I present woodpile and beehives, with the additional note that the green roof movement is pretty darn old.

Most interior shots were too dark to come out, but here is one that worked.

These last two are a game of Spot the Wild Animal. The first is a snowy owl, taken for fans of Hedwig. The second is a fox that just happened to be going about its foxy business in the park; it didn't feel like posing.


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