jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Good things

Today I offer some reasons why it is a good day.

Item one: I am grateful to you wonderful people for nagging me. I have done my words of the day, which actually required going back and redoing some former words because I realized I had a hole in my plot. I did not do any words yesterday because it was Sunday and I really really needed to hold down the couch and watch football all day.

Item two: The Niners won. They have a defense! Hooray!

Item three: Go Bears!

Item four: I got to walk along the shoreline this morning with a friend and our dogs. After the rain, everything is so beautiful and fresh!

Item five: I get to clean off my desk today. And as much of the rest of the house as I can deal with. Neatness is so inspiring!

Item six: I am going to tell my therapist goodbye today. She has done her job, which turned out to be convincing me to go back on my medications. That was the missing piece. So now I can stop dragging my butt over there every week and I can do fun things instead. Plus: much cheaper!

I hope that everyone else is having a good day, too.

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