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What I learned in school yesterday

Last night I went to back to school night at Syd’s school. No surprises. Syd has very qualified teachers who are mostly engaging. Chemistry might be a little problematic on the engaging front, but it’s first thing in the morning, so Syd’s unlikely to be all that awake anyway. His math teacher in particular seems to have lots of energy and an intelligence deeply directed at how best to impart what he knows, which is extremely good news for Syd. The English and French and art teachers are repeaters who already love my kid (although I heard from Rick that Syd was furious with his English teacher for asking him to be quiet sometimes so other kids could speak!). AP United States history is a class I’m glad I’m not taking, but Syd seems to like it fine and the teacher obviously cares about the subject and the kids. I don’t have to get too attached to the Spanish teacher, because he’s a long-term substitute while the regular teacher (also a repeater with Syd) is on maternity leave.

All of which is the long version for “Gosh I’m glad that good people will teach my kid good things and I really hope Syd doesn’t annoy the heck out of them between now and June.” Syd never ever goes incognito and apparently resembles Rick and me enough that we are instantly identified as belonging to Syd. I often tremble when admitting to being Syd’s mom, in case Syd has done something unforgiveable. So far, nope. They actually appreciate Syd’s humor and passion. I also suspect that Syd might be more polite at school than he can be at home.

I think the kid is going to thrive.


Note: No words yet on T's story today. I get breakfast before I work on that.

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