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@#$% Creative Process...

The creative process often makes me crazy. I did not do my 500 words yesterday because about two sentences in, I realized I needed to know more than I do about various topics ranging from internet trolls to housework to baseball. I need to create a blog from the perspective of one of my characters. All of which means lots of reading and a fair amount of reflecting, without a lot of forward movement on the actual text. Argh!

I’m also thinking about the structure of the story. While I admire writing that juggles many forms and perspectives and twists, I do better writing in a more linear fashion. This story doesn’t seem to want to be linear. Another @#$% growth opportunity, as one of my dear friends says.

It’s a delicate thing, this creativity on a deadline. I know that my 500 word goal is pretty modest, really, but I also know that I’m a slow writer, one who requires a lot of time without the pen in my hand so the unconscious can do whatever it is she does while I’m not looking. I think I’m going to have to write a big chunk more than my 500 words on the days after I come out of this research phase. Or I’m going to have to be patient with writing notes to myself in the text about what is missing in this spot to fill in later when I know what to add.

It is nice, though, to order a box of books not because I just want books but because I need them for my work.



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