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I have a bunch of miscellaneous thoughts in my head, so I figure I’ll keep them here on the paper instead, so my head can return to its usual state of vacuity.

1. Drawing is a useful activity even though I’m bad at it. I have been stuck a bit on my Christmas story for T. and I got unstuck in part by drawing the characters I needed to describe. This also makes me feel better about my writing because I can’t possibly describe them any more poorly than I drew them. Bonus points for actually moving the pen. (I did close to my 500 words yesterday, but did not stop to count.)

2. I am now belay certified. Brent and I went to Bladium last night for the “class,” which worked out to a guy explaining it to the two of us and then letting us try belaying him (there was another guy on the ground in case we did something incredibly stupid.). It was not as complicated as I feared. I also think it will be less stressful when the person on the climbing end of the rope is not Brent. I didn’t drop him and I didn’t go flying up in the air, either, so I think it was successful. Brent didn’t like climbing much, but he did like being the guy on the ground, so, selfishly, this is a win for me. Now if I could just get to the top of that one wall without falling and freaking myself out…

3. Some books are better than others for reading in bed. Unfortunately, I finished the St. Teresa book before falling asleep and chose poorly after that. A bedtime book needs to be gentle, mildly interesting but not riveting, and unlikely to cause nightmares. Also long enough so that I can get sleepy. The second book I finished was too interesting and the third was too short. If I can’t find something better, I’ll have to go get more puzzles instead.



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