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Some weekend stuff

One challenge of Monday mornings is that there is so much. I have had a whole weekend’s worth of experiences, and, when I’m honest about it, weekend experiences tend to be richer than the workaday sort.

For example: farmer’s market. I didn’t exactly intend to go to the farmer’s market on Saturday. It was an afterthought in a complex plan to get everyone in his or her proper place at the proper time. Syd needed to go to the Amtrak station in Berkeley to catch a train to Davis. I was headed to Berkeley anyway for a play at Berkeley Rep (more on this in a paragraph or so). Cal played at home against USC (sigh...), so parking in Berkeley seemed like a Very Bad Idea.

My initial idea was to BART over to Berkeley, but then I heard the call of cheap Chinese food, which awakened T.R.’s previously dormant interest. In theory, I could have sent him back home on BART by himself, but since I have a vested interest in seeing him again, I did not test this out in real life. So I developed plan B(rent), in which Brent brought us all to Berkeley, Syd got dropped at the train station, the rest of us did the farmer’s market thing and ate Chinese food, and then Brent and T. could head home with the produce and I would BART home later. It was a great plan, except it didn’t execute.

T.R. ultimately preferred jammies on the couch. I think he prefers jammies on the couch to almost everything. Syd got to the train station. Brent and I drove away only to be called back because Syd couldn’t buy his ticket with cash. Brent did not want to eat cheap Chinese food, not having the same guilty-pleasure type relationship I do with egg foo young.

But the farmer’s market was wonderful. I ran into old friends. I bought pomegranates and cheese, basil and squash, chard and chicken. I ate a peach frangipane tartlet. I got my riddle from the Street Spirit seller and random snippets of songs from the musicians—a little blues, a little pop reinterpreted on violin, a little folk trio.

We ended up having burgers for lunch. Then Brent took the farmer’s market stuff home and I went to Berkeley Rep to see American Idiot with HAT. SO AWESOME! I am a Green Day fan, so it’s no surprise that I liked it. It’s not a show for someone in the mood for a quiet, meditative reflection on modern life. But if it sometimes feels like life attacks you and the only way to cope is to smash sticks into a drum head or run away to join a rock band or the army or to curl up on the couch and try to hide from the invasive screams of television and babies and friends, you will like the show. Great dance, fun costumes, compelling images. Jan-Bob says: check it out. Parent advisory warning: this show includes appropriate use of swear words, people in underwear, drug paraphernalia, hairstyles you’re too old to wear, and loud drums.

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