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Yesterday I read yet another article that convinced me that I need to stop drinking soda. Yes, I have done this before. Many times. And somehow I always slip back into the caffeinated, carbonated, sugary habit. At least I understand the basics of quitting by now.

I guess if it were as simple as evaluating the situation with my brain, I’d be done by now. By drinking soda, I am wasting resources in the form of numerous cans, plastic Big Gulp cups, cardboard cartons, and the gas required to transport all those things. I am promoting monoculture and big agriculture by consuming buckets of high fructose corn syrup. I am enabling big business to erode the indigenous cultures around the world. I am setting a bad example for my kids. I am overconsuming calories, which in turn makes me use up extra space in the universe, extra fabric in my clothes, extra flushes of the toilet (sorry if that last item is more than you wanted to know, but caffeine is a diuretic…). I know the energy I get from soda is fake energy, the kind that lets me go longer than I should. I know there is really no redeeming feature to my soda drinking. And I keep doing it anyway.

With great effort, I am choosing not to beat myself up about this. I have made bad decisions in this area and have to deal with the consequences. Now I get to make good decisions and take a lot of Excedrin until the first surges of withdrawal are over.

It won’t work unless I figure out why I need the security of Coke, why I think I am inadequate without the jolt of energy, the rush of sugar. I have to solve the problems I simply endure with the help of this dangerous crutch. No fun at all.

On the plus side, Brent is going to stop with the iced tea at the same time, so I’ll have someone to commiserate with.


Oct. 13th, 2009 02:03 pm (UTC)
He actually amended that statement today, so you can be reassured that he still exists. He had iced tea with Splenda. Personally, I expected him to find it easier not to drink the iced tea than to give up the sugar in it. I await further developments.




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