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I organized my bookshelves yesterday. Not only does this mean that I am not going to be killed by a falling stack of books right away, but also it has changed the landscape of my room. Different spines confront me when I glance away from my screen. Instead of looking up from journaling in my green chair and seeing an unmanageable mess of titles, I see order. When life seems like a hurricane, this small gift instills hope.

It also helped to lift stacks and stacks of books. I got good and sweaty doing it. In fact, I got tired enough that I recruited Brent to carry the box of books I decided I could live without downstairs at the end. I did carry the unabridged dictionary and the oversized atlas down to T.’s room myself, though.

I’m left with a sense of possibility. I can do things in this space now. I can even buy more books!

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