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Gift Wrap

Because I make books for Christmas, I start thinking about it earlier than many people do. This has advantages, of course. I’m about half done with my shopping.

The disadvantages, however, can be brutal. I come up with grandiose plans. Technically, there is time to execute them. Functionally, I probably should choose execution. I have fantasies. This year’s fantasy involves stopping the gift wrap madness.

The easy way to do that would be to give unwrapped gifts. But that is a little too extreme for me, particularly since I like how gifts look under the tree all mysterious and full of potential. When the kids were small and we had not a lot of money and I needed to play with paint with them anyway, we made wrapping paper for several Christmases, once on white butcher paper with red and green paint and once on the plain sides of grocery bags with gold and silver paint.

I’ve toyed with the idea of perennially wrapped boxes like they have on television, but there are two problems with them that immediately spring to mind: I’d have to find a place to store them in all their bulky emptiness and they have a rigid size. Plus I don’t really see putting a giant boxed Lego set into another, even more giant, wrapped box.

So at last I settled on the idea of making gift bags from fabric. I already reuse paper ones as much as possible. I have plenty of fabric to work with. I imagine all these incredibly cute designs. I’ve now made four. I have parts cut out for three or four more, but I’ve already learned that I need to do all the embellishment before assembly to reduce the swearing involved.

I’m crazy, but it’s going to be a cute Christmas. (And if I don’t make enough bags this year, I can always make more next year and build up my collection…)



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