jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Healthy Body

One of the things I find easier to do while I’m away from home is exercise. Over the weekend, it took the form of walking all over Washington, but this week I’ve been using the hotel gym. Conveniently, it is located on the very same floor as my room.

Monday I ran on some sort of semi-elliptical trainer thing. I did not die, but I didn’t want to do it again, either. Tuesday was treadmill and weights, plus hours of swimming with Opal. Yesterday I did stationary bike and yoga and the same today. Tomorrow I should probably do weights again with whatever cardio I choose.

Somehow I need to transfer this habit home with me. Although I think the secret is pretty obvious: go first thing. At home, I write when I first get up, which is good for that whole using the power of the unconscious thing, but I think it’s time to try to put a healthy body around my sane(ish) mind.

It’ll work.

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