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Partial Thoughts...

It has been the kind of day on which I find myself staring at the computer screen at 4:07 trying to find something resembling a full and complete thought in my head. No luck. So instead I offer the following collection of partial thoughts.

1. Sometimes busyness cures heartbreak. My morning started with one of those emails that make me call into question my ability to be an adequate parent, maybe even to be an adequate human being. The sheer volume of tasks at work today calmed that down.

2. Last night at writing, we began a conversation about information as a form of currency in relationships, about trust, betrayal, and culture, and about floor coverings. The interactions between those things are surprisingly rich, at least in the kinds of stories they generate.

3. I used to assert that world peace could be achieved by each person on the planet committing to do his or her own dishes. I may have been wrong. Ample parking might be the key.

4. I am suffering from curiosity about calendars. I haven’t had time to do any surfing to find answers. T. and I got into a discussion the other day about leap year. I set up a Google calendar for myself at work today. It talks to my Outlook calendar. I’m almost out of the Dali calendar for the year that’s on the side of the fridge and next year we’ll be using the free calendar I got for renewing Syd’s New Yorker subscription. And none of those calendars can replace the two most important ones in my life: the one in my head and the paper one I carry in my purse.

Tomorrow might be a good day for finishing thoughts. Unless it isn’t.



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