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A few updates for today.

1. My ambitious project to make gift bags for all gifts went moderately well. I made gift bags for about half and everything else gets the paper treatment. If I plan well, I can make enough next year to do pretty much everything. I always forget how much time the Full Martha takes and if there is one thing I don’t have right now, it’s lots of extra time.

2. T.R.’s book has 15,531 words in it. I’m working on chapter 13, I think, unless I slipped over into chapter 14. I am less panicked about finishing the story right now than I am about doing the art to make it complete, laying it out, printing it, and binding it.

3. Desk watch continues. Maybe I’ll have one after Thanksgiving. I continue to add office supplies to my problems and it seems to be working.

4. After work today, I have to pack my clothes and such for the road trip. Brent already put all my mom and dad’s storage boxes in the truck. We have our hostess gifts. I have my folks’ Christmas presents and my mom’s birthday present ready. Must buy Thanksgiving cards on the way to work or be vaporized on arrival Chez Maman et Papa.

5. Crashed at 6:30 last night, up at 4. Still tired.

6. Thanks, lovely friends, for being my lovely friends. I am grateful for you all the time, but you really do top the list of my blessings and I’ll seize the holiday moment to tell you.

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