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The Blind Side

Over the weekend, I “convinced” Brent and T.R. to go see The Blind Side with me. They love me and they didn’t mind that much, so it wasn’t hard. I had read the book a while back because Brent saw it and thought I would like it, which I did.

Caveats: I adore sports movies, I love stories in which nothing turns into something, and I believe in miracles.

Go see this movie. It is happy and sad and wonderful. And Brent and T. liked it, too. The characters are well-drawn, the story is compelling and mostly true, and there is not too much football if you don’t happen to love watching large men hit each other. There are many funny bits, including some that look likely to stick in my allusion set.

The slightly creepy underside of the story is downplayed in the film and possibly rightly so, not only because of the needs of the film as a medium, but also because that underside pales compared to the miracle. And when I talk about the miracle, I’m not talking about the fact that Michael Oher, a kid from the projects, now plays for the Ravens, but about the family that grew out of a practical application of faith and a willingness to do the work right in front of a person’s nose.

What a challenge to the rest of us.

Parental warning: the movie opens with footage of Joe Theismann’s career-ending injury, which is gross. I saw it on television when it happened and I chose not to watch it again in the film. The scenes in the projects involve drugs and violence. There is on-field violence as well. Racial slurs and nasty heckling.



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