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I have finally written something for money. While it was the best twenty minutes or so of my day, it wasn’t all that exciting.

I would like to say it is my ability to turn a phrase that got me added to the list of people who post on my company’s blog, but that would be a lie. It was my organizational skills and my ability to meet a deadline. Those in charge trusted me to spell well and use good grammar (thank you, University of California, for my degree in English). That my post turned out to be funny and informative seemed to surprise them, but did cement my spot on the roster.

Perhaps it is my back pain (that would be another post for another time) that is giving me my jaundiced view. I have a gift for invisibility. I came to work here after two years spent writing, for God’s sake. How could I not have a basic clue? What is it about me that makes me someone to be simultaneously overlooked and depended on?

I hope it is the back thing, because otherwise I’m turning into someone deeply crabby. Sigh.

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