jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Recycling, nature style

Last spring, I posted about the nest that fell on my car. It was such a cool thing that I, of course, sent it to science class with T.R. The science teacher wisely showed it to her classes and sent it back home, lest she be inundated with cool but bulky specimens of all kinds of things.

It was useless to the birds. No one needed it. But I loved its careful workmanship (workbirdship isn’t a word, is it?), the birdbrained engineering that curved the nest bottom to fit the branches and the nest insides to fit the birds. I couldn’t possibly build a nest. I’d start with a messy pile of twigs and end up with a messier pile of twigs.

So I kept it on the little desk outside the front door. Perhaps some folks thought it was trash, but I preferred to think of it as decoration.

I know it is spring again because the birds are back at it. The same birds, or other ones, have pillaged the failed nest. One side is all exploded out as a determined beak or two grabbed just the right thread or stick. Life is amazing.

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