jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

She's a Super (Eco) Freak...

This may have already occurred to those of you who have been paying attention, but I realized yesterday that school is starting soon. So, naturally, I got all eco-freak.

After much effort over a number of years, I have convinced T. that lunch boxes are the way to go. Now that plastic containers appear to be bad for people, not to mention minimally recyclable, I wanted to make the switch to reusable sandwich wraps. I saw them in a catalog for about $9 per and decided to make my own.

For the price of three wraps, I made something like a dozen of my own. I get bonus points for entertaining myself all day with the sewing (I’m not so fast… particularly when I’m making things up as I go along.). Now if only T. can manage not to lose them all right away, I’ll be set.

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