jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Stealth pig

I made a carrot out of dirt. It was a small carrot, but T. said it tasted good. I have more carrots still growing in the dirt, but I’m hoping that they will grow bigger than the one he ate.

I also got a handful of tiny purple onions to be featured in a salad near me probably tomorrow. Heck, they will be me soon, since I am what I eat.

The rest of my gardening today involved cutting and removing things. The flowering vines over near my lemon tree aspire to world domination. I am nipping their ambitions in the bud, so to speak. It’s a little weird to have destruction as my garden mandate, but necessary. I need to get rid of the weeds, purge the overgrowth of undergrowth, and figure out what I want to have growing in those spaces. I keep myself from getting overwhelmed by only working until my green can is full.

In the process, I put out T.’s outgrown and unloved bike on the sidewalk for adoption and discovered a garden pig and a topiary frame. The topiary frame I expect to remove, once I extract it from its shroud of vine and spiderweb. Still thinking about the pig.

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