jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Although Cinderella isn't supposed to be so blonde...

Today in my rich fantasy life, I slept until I felt like waking up. When I did wake up, I was well-rested, supple, flexible. Little birds and mice helped me get dressed in my simple but fetching garments while I sang a happy song. Those same creatures assisted me in tidying up the house before I awakened cheerfully tousled children who know how to spell tousle, unlike me. I laughed at my own silliness and danced everyone out the door in a burst of joyous energy.

In my regular life, the alarm welt off, cutting short a complicated dream about a supermarket, a swimming pool, a weightlifter, and a small fluffy dog named, unimaginatively, Fluffy. I heaved myself out of bed and have been fighting the forces of fatigue and chaos since then, with occasional forays into the herding of teens.

Time to hire a new animator.

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