jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Back from AZ

Brent and I spent the last four days in Arizona finding a realtor and prepping the house there for sale. The time was a strange mix between vacation and work, since Brent’s mom used her nearly infinite travel points to let us stay at a swanky resort with lots of pools and a water slide (no, I didn’t get to go on it because I’d have had to go by myself.).

In a businesslike way, I discovered that all electricians who call back have names that start with a hard C sound—Cary, Kevin, and Kyle. Personal growth was involved here because I was the one making the calls. The important words to say to the knowledgeable men on the other end of the phone were “melted bus,” “between the main breaker and the other breakers,” and “evidence of fire.” Despite those ominous sounds, the problem, Kyle determined, could be fixed for a mere $340. He said things about metal heating and cooling, arcs, and slippage, which Brent appreciated and I filed away in my head.

Some realtors remind me of the ones I remember from being a kid. Others have evolved. All of them have acquired digital cameras. Brent chose the realtor with the SEO knowledge and the coolest camera. Not that the camera was a deciding factor.

As I’ve mentioned before, Arizona is a little too brown for my personal taste. However, I learned that this is not as true when I’m not trundling from place to place in a car. Our hotel gave us direct access to some hiking trails. Out walking, the color seems to matter less as the texture of the place becomes dominant. In places, the rock of the trail appeared like beds of mussels at low tide, sculpted by wind and flash floods. Every step crunched. Smooth turgid cactus skin stretched between spines. Dessicated tree limbs twisted and eroded like driftwood.

So now I know: go outside. Also, it is never bad to have a pool handy.

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