jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Newton is my dealer...

There are papers all over my office. They annoy me. But.

Most of them are parts of collages I haven’t assembled yet. It seems like a waste of energy to put them all away when I’m not finished. Unfortunately, it seems like it would take too much energy to finish the collages, too. The creation impulse and the tidy impulse will fight it out between them sooner or later. I’m too tired to mediate between them.

Then there are the works in progress for Brent. Newsletter drafts, index cards full of notes. If only I apply myself, I’ll be able to file them away as completed projects.

Bank statements waiting to be reconciled. Sample ballot. Book to shelve (only one, at least. I’m getting better about that…)

Inertia. I blame inertia. My body, needing rest, wants to remain at rest. My whirling brain, which also needs rest, can’t seem to take it because it is already in motion. A Newton speedball for me.

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