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Words! And pictures!

One of the many benefits of having a kid who works at the library is that he learns about perfect presents to give me. I am the proud owner of two awesome new picture books. (I don’t count picture books in my page total for the reading contest, so I won’t save up my thoughts about them until the end of the next cycle, either!)

Princesses Are Not Quitters has wonderful and hilarious illustrations. Everyone needs to see a fancy hairdo inhabited by a chicken. More princesses need to have bunnies on their shoes. Plus: pink and purple hair! The story involves a role reversal that does not turn out quite like the princesses expect, but they carry on with what they said they would do until they are finished. They learn from their experience and enact social change. Power to the people and princesses!

Library Lion is wonderful in another way. The illustrations capture the story incredibly well—and what a story! There is a lion in the library, which, while unusual, does not break the rules. He loves story time. He shows up every day and helps out. He and the head librarian become great friends. The inevitable Bad Thing is very sad, but the triumphant ending made me cry in the good way. It is completely satisfying as a picture book, but also a useful reminder to those of us who can read to ourselves about what rules are for and what they are not for.

Go to the library and get these books now. And hug my kid if you see him there.



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