jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

A few updates...

Here is one of the sheet music covers I wrote about the other day. Brent, the extremely patient and amazing, made my scanner talk to my computer again, which makes this picture possible.


In football land, I have had an up and down sort of weekend. I was rooting against the Seahawks and for the Colts. Coach I-Cheated-When-I-Was-At-USC gets to move on a round. No Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl this year. Sigh. I was mildly rooting for the Ravens and they definitely deserved to win. And I adore Aaron Rodgers (Go Bears!), so I was pleased that the Pack managed to hold on and win over the Eagles. With great self-control, I did not watch all four games, so I am not a complete slug either.


I am still flossing my teeth.

Real post tomorrow.

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