jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

The most sincere museum

On Saturday, Brent and I went to the Charles Schulz museum. Go there.

One of the features of the place is a labyrinth in the shape of Snoopy’s head, not the most intuitive of combinations. I don’t think of spiritual practice and exuberant beagles together all that often, personally. Brent is not much of a spiritual practice kind of guy. He does not get the point of labyrinths and they do not serve any meditative function for him. Since it was clear that I was going to walk the labyrinth, he walked in to the center and then cut through the lines to sit on a bench and wait for me to finish.

I admit that I wasn’t entirely clear on the purpose of labyrinths myself, since I am not much about slowing down. Then I walked one. It is a great tool for me because it allows me to reach a kind of stillness without having to hold still.

So I entered the labyrinth wondering what sort of enlightenment would come from Snoopy-ness. I went in thinking about peace and came out feeling joy.

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