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T.R. has glasses now. This is important, since it turns out his vision is something like 20/80. Also odd, since he never complained and I only found out when he went to the doctor for a regular checkup and couldn’t read the eye chart.

I had no idea and I didn’t think to check. I have reading glasses that I don’t normally wear for reading, but come in handy when I’m quilting or embroidering. I just assumed that both kids had perfectly fine eyesight, too.

Syd, being Syd, noticed and complained that he couldn’t see well enough to read. His difficulty is seeing stuff right in front of him. T. can and does read all the time with no problem, but stuff on the board at school must have been a mystery.

I’m now paranoid that I’m so stuck in my own experience and perspective that there might be more obvious and important things I have yet to notice.

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