jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Showing off...

I have accomplished something. This is a rare enough event that I feel the need to broadcast, particularly since I have a photo as evidence. See? My life is not a complete waste of time. I have made a shirt:

Specifically, I have made the shirt in the picture for Syd, who seems to like it and who actually wore it.

I’ve been planning on making Syd a shirt since Anneli gave me the piece of light-colored linen. There was not quite enough of it to make an entire shirt, so I was forced (forced, I tell you!) to go to the fabric store for the contrasting linen and the nifty buttons.

It was a leap for me, making a shirt of more than one color. Some part of me anxiously looked over my shoulder for the teacher who might grade me down for my deviation from the expected. Another part had to breathe deeply to overcome the terror involved in the spatial manipulations necessary to ensure that the sleeves for each side would match the colors of the fronts and would have their slits in the right place.

Many hours later, the dining room was covered in scraps and threads, but I had managed to make pieces of flat fabric into a dimensional shirt. A miracle!

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