jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Rule 42: The Queen Always Wins

I make a lot of rules for myself. Having become sick of writing the same things over and over in my journal, I now have I rule against the following constructions: I want, I need, I should. I am also not allowed to write: I am tired. This conflicts with one of my other rules about self-censorship and keeping the pen moving, but I’m okay with that because writing about being tired for three pages really doesn’t get me anywhere.

Sometimes I have a rule about making sure I exercise before I do anything else, or at least know what I’m going to do for exercise (like on days when I work out with the Goddess of Heavy Objects or go to Ball of Doom class). Other times it seems more important to have a rule about writing first. I stopped making rules about caffeinated beverages because they were ineffective; the only rule that works there is Don’t Drink Them.

Overall, I think the rules help a little. They’d help more if I had a better sense of enforcement. Enforcement isn’t really the right word. I do NOT need negative sanctions for breaking the rules. But rewarding myself for good behavior might make the rules more effective.

Okay, new rule: following the rules gets me treats.

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