jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Fiat Lux

After nearly four years, I have at last banished the dark blinds. They are heaped on the back deck for the moment, waiting for there to be room in the trash and recycling bins, since clearing out seems to be happening faster than pick-up days. A few of the mounting brackets still lurk behind the new, light curtains because the screws that hold them in are not the kind I can remove with a power drill (my favorite tool!) and they are grippy enough to resist my strength/screwdriver quotient (although I think maybe it should be a product rather than a quotient, but quotient sounds better…).

The process of putting up the curtain rods took much longer than it should have, partly because my drill was out of batteries and I had to track down Brent’s. All the rest of my tools, however, were fully functional and easily locatable since I cleaned my office closet.

So, in my own small way, I used my superpowers to play God: there is light.

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