jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

In which arms are broken, doctors are called, and there are inevitable shocks

So far, T. and I are unscathed. We have arrived in Oslo.

One of the first things I did upon getting into the airplane was to break the armrest trying to show T. where to plug in his headphones. (I fixed it, as good as old…) T. was amused.

Nine or ten hours later, he was still amused, although there were some worrisome minutes in the middle there when the cabin crew called for any doctors on board. I did not get in the way of the doctors, so I don’t know exactly what happened, but a passenger did have a fair amount of trouble and spent the remainder of the trip in the staff seats with an oxygen mask on and medical personnel met the plane at Heathrow. I hope the man was headed home and not off on vacation!

During our time at Heathrow, we snarfed some food and read. By the time we got on our Oslo flight, I was ready to nap. Unfortunately, we were flying with two very cute but very loud toddlers who tended to squeal with excitement, frustration, happiness, hunger, and every other kind of emotion. Keep in mind that I adore toddlers and I was crabby enough to wish they were flying to, say, Antarctica, instead of on the same plane I was.

At the Oslo airport, I pretty much parked T. and got the luggage, some cash, some gum to break the cash into more manageable segments, and bus tickets. I nearly ended up doing that last part in Norwegian, but fortunately found the magic English button in time to confirm that I was buying the right thing. T. stumbled his way onto the bus and 40 minutes later we were at the central bus terminal. When I was sitting and planning at home, I thought we’d walk the half mile to the hotel. With T. practically sleepwalking, I shoved him in a cab instead. This was a good decision because the streets right around the bus terminal (Bussterminal, in Norwegian—and did you know that pedestrian crossings are marked Anlegg Traffik?) have multiple layers. A mystery better penetrated after a reasonable night of sleep.

The hotel is quite lovely. T. and I have a cute little room with a microscopic bathroom. We were going to have to share the double bed, but T. has claimed the couch instead. He fell asleep there, just to practice, while I worshipped at the shrine of hot water and toothpaste (not at the same time).

I particularly needed that hot water stuff because in my stupefaction before that I managed to short out all the power in the room by trying to plug in my laptop. The nice man at the desk got that problem resolved while T. and I went to eat meatballs.

That’s enough adventure for one day; tomorrow we take over the city.

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