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In which our enthusiasm is undampened, unlike the rest of us

T.R. woke me up at 4:15 this morning. This is not fair. I am on vacation! However, he did sleep through dinner last night and woke up absolutely starving. Unfortunately, he had to wait until 6:30 to get breakfast. Foolishly, I told him to take a shower, so I could keep sleeping a while longer. In the match T.R. versus shower, the shower won. I was thoroughly awake before T. succeeded in getting clean because I had to explain how the shower worked and how not to drench the entire bathroom. My explanation of that last part may have been slightly less clear than the first part based on the evidence.

It was not the wettest T. got during the day, either. It rained here, quite a lot. It is raining again, but I don’t care because I am back in the room and I now own an umbrella. We both got very wet while pursuing umbrella purchase when we first left the hotel. T. says he was perfectly protected, in that he wore his orange sweatshirt with the hood up, his trench coat, and his fez perched over all. He was perfectly something, for sure. (I’m glad to have a creative kid with a free mind.)

We took refuge from the weather in the National Gallery. It is the place where Munch’s The Scream lives when it is not stolen. Frankly, there were other Munch works I liked better. T. liked the Van Gogh self-portrait they have. I particularly liked the exhibition of Erik Werenskiold’s work. I could have spent more time, but I used up T.’s tolerance for art.

Next we visited the Historical Museum. We went to see the Viking stuff and learned this:

T. loved the swords, knives, axes, skulls, etc. For me, the delicate handiwork on the neck rings, cloak clasps, and other metal objects was more amazing. I still don’t like to see human remains on exhibit and there were not only Vikings, but also mummies in the Egyptian section.

In spite of the warning we received, we did stop to check out this Viking:

T.R. remains unscathed.

After lunch, we went to the Akershus Fortress and Castle. It is the kind of castle I like, built up over centuries in a variety of styles with respect to the old parts but also attention to what makes it functional today (state dinners and such are still often held there). T. evaluated the defenses there with a critical eye:

Within the fortress grounds, there is also the Norwegian Resistance Museum. The people of Norway, in general, did not want the Nazis in their country. They fought back continually and resourcefully. I was particularly impressed with the teachers. They flat-out refused the loyalty oath demanded by the Nazis, rejected the teaching of propaganda, and stuck to it. T. found the whole thing fascinating, spending way more time than I was willing to invest in finding and reading every English explanatory note. We ended up in a conversation about the evolving nature of war. He asserts that war has only become political in relatively recent times. Let’s just say I disagree. At least he has a good grip on the war is bad part, no matter how fascinated he gets with gun emplacements, arrow slits, and the like.

Learning from my experience yesterday, I got some food on the way back to the hotel. T. managed to eat it before collapsing to sleep, so I might get to sleep later in the morning.

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