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In which we ponder the nature of civic art, among other things

We began our adventures today at the Radhus, the Oslo town hall and location where the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is held. The friezes in the main hall are colorful and impressive. I tried to get T. to stand on the podium to take a preemptive picture to frame next to the one he’ll get someday when he receives the prize, but he wasn’t having any of it. Then again, his plans for when he rules the universe are a tad fascist, in that he intends to annihilate things that annoy him, so maybe I’m just engaging in wishful thinking.

Outside the Radhus, there are giant woodcarvings from Norse mythology and folklore. Don’t read the one about the smith who makes the eyeballs of children into jewelry for the queen to the kids before bed. I took a picture of Thor because Thor’s goats are clearly the ones that are out to get T.R.:

My photo theme for the day seems to be wildlife in art because I also liked these rabbits:

And these large bees in one of the wall hangings in the Radhus:

In one of the official chambers, the wall featured a bunch of people playing on the beach. When I saw this kid, I had to think about the whole to-do several years ago about the breasts on statues in the Capitol. This civic art is a bit more to my taste:

From there, we went on to the Nobel Peace Center. It is one cool museum. The winners of the prize are a collection of heroes. I feel encouraged to know that people do change the world for the better. The current exhibition features photographs of refugees from all around the world and their horrible plight. That part was depressing, particularly, for me, the Afghani and Iraqi refugees fleeing the destruction Americans have rained upon them. May we grow beyond war and destruction.

After a leisurely lunch (leisurely lunch is not really part of my experience, but I can understand why a person would want to acquire the habit!), T. and I visited the Ibsen Museum. We didn’t take the apartment tour, so we did not see his actual study. We did see his eyeglasses, his buttonhook, his nail buffer, and various other personal paraphernalia scattered among the informative signs and photos of his life. He was not really a very cheerful person and his plays aren’t exactly uplifting, so while I am glad we went to see the museum, I was even more glad to be out in the fresh air and sunshine again.

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