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In which there are things made of metal, both good and bad

T.R. gleefully woke me at 4 a.m. this morning. Our flight from Oslo left at 8:30, so I did in fact need to get up in order to make things fit in suitcases and so on. I suppose him waking me is payback for all those school mornings when I have had to roust him out of bed. Two airplanes later, we arrived in France. I understand the public transportation here!!!!!!! Not only did we get the train from the airport, but we also took the Metro later on.

Paris is in a bit of a heat wave. I don’t do metric conversions, but it was 30C today; I know for a fact that is too darn hot. We had a healthy late lunch of ice cream at the Haagen Dazs shop just outside our local Metro station (wasn’t it nice of them to put it there?). (Syd, I know, I’m not supposed to eat it because of child labor issues. I was too hot and tired to remember in the moment.)

Our hotel is conveniently located near the Musée National du Moyen Age. What a nice cold stone building! Part of it used to be Roman baths. I remembered hearing that the people of Paris chopped all the heads off the kings on the Cathedral de Notre Dame during the period of the revolution. In 1977, they were discovered in some guy’s basement where they had been used to shore up the foundation. There was a very interesting room full of bodies with no heads and heads with no bodies. There was also a statue of St. Denis (sorry, webpage is in French), who has both a head and a body, but his head is no longer connected at the neck; his story is one of the things I remember best from my first trip here when I was 12. There are also beautiful tapestries of women with unicorns, but it was too hot in their room to hang out with them and T. felt motivated to get on to the Main Attraction. I think they knew he was coming because there was an entire exhibition of swords. Here is a picture of Oakeshott’s categories of swords:

T. is now engrossed in a huge book on the subject from the always-handy gift shop.

Then I made a hideous mistake. It seemed wrong to bring T. to Paris and not go to the Tour Eiffel. So we went. Here is T.’s reaction:

Please note that this picture was taken before we waited in several hot sticky crowded lines to ride in sardine-packed elevators. I have learned my lesson. We did manage to run into one of T.’s teachers there, though, enjoying her vacation.

I hope tomorrow is cooler, or we will have more ice cream meals.

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