jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

In which the day comes to a crepe-y end

Chartres has the most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen. I try not to post the obvious pictures, but this time I can’t help myself. Look at the spires!

The whole place is covered in fascinating details. Here are a few I loved:

At the moment, a lot of the cathedral is undergoing restoration work. Even half full of scaffolding, the interior has a power to lift my spirit. Someone was working on the organ while we were there, so we walked accompanied by random blasts of individual notes, not music, and yet the peace of the place was not disturbed. If I had been there by myself, I would have sat down and bathed in the environment. As it was, T. was with me and he’s just not into spiritual anything. I was a little disappointed that with the work being done the labyrinth was covered with chairs, but I did stand in the center of it.

Back in the sunlight, we needed lunch. T. has finally had his escargot fix for the trip. He also helped eat my cheese assortment. I love the food here.

We were sucked into the Musée des Beaux-Arts because they were advertising an exhibit about dragons. It turns out it was for kids and very small, but I learned that St. Margarethe and St. Marthe vanquished their dragons with holy water and the cross, while St. Michael the Archangel uses weaponry. I’d go for the weaponry over the cross, personally, because St. Marthe had to use hers to pierce her way out of the dragon’s stomach after being swallowed. And after that she got beheaded anyway.

I like riding in trains, so the trip to and from Chartres was nice. We had a break from all the walking today which we both needed. And a crepe with sugar and lemon is a perfectly reasonable dinner to have between the train station and the hotel.

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