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My kid is awesome

T.R. had a homework assignment last night for English in which he was expected to describe a character. He decided that the best way to do this was to write a story. When I read what he wrote, I was blown away. I did help him spell enunciate and suggest he indent his paragraphs (which I undid when I reformatted for this post), but the rest is all him:


Syd Salsman is rather short for an 18 year old. He is brown of hair and blue of eye. He wears oval shaped glasses with plastic fully surrounding each lens. He is built sturdily, something made very apparent as he strides forcefully about the house.

“Hey T., “ he begins, “ can you clean up your blight?”

“What?” calls his brother, who is in another room and cannot hear him.

“YOU, BLIGHT, CLEAN UP” he yells enunciating his words as he has learned to in his acting. The effect is somewhat lost on his scrawnier younger brother, T.R.. who comes into the room in what he thinks of as rather ludicrous clothing, today consisting of a Peter Gabriel t-shirt, a pair of red sweat pants, and a fez in another shade of red that he thinks clashes with the pants. T.R., oblivious to this disdainful scrutiny, continues on to the living room where he picks up the assorted papers littering the coffee table.

Syd, now satisfied that his slob of a younger brother has been dealt with, proceeds to his room, closing the door with unnecessary force. Naturally it’s raining so Syd is unable to proceed with his usual exercise regeime. He leaves his room with his shoulder bag and walks swiftly down the hall to his father’s room. His dad, Rick, is sitting at his desk, most likely checking his email. Rick is average height and bald, prone to wearing shirts reminiscent of juke boxes.

“It’s raining.” he states forcefully

“Would you like a ride to school?”

“Yes.” He says, almost cutting off the end of his dad’s sentence.

Eventually everyone is ready and Syd sets off for school where he will find a host of annoyances he can rant about in the evening.

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