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This is someone else's Mii, but it looks enough like mine that I went with it.

Friends, I need your help. Here’s the situation. I am taking my meds to combat the depression. Two of the side effects are fatigue and difficulty losing weight. I was looking at photos yesterday while working on a project and I realized the magnitude of my weight gain over the last several years. It is Not Okay.

Exercise, studies say (and no, I’m not going to go Googling around for the actual studies to link), can be more effective in treating depression than drugs. It also, amazingly, helps a person lose weight if that person does not, say, bike to the donut shop for a dozen. Donuts are not my personal weakness. Apparently eating one every day with a Coke for breakfast throughout high school will make a person’s stomach reject donuts thereafter. Yes, I am a Dreadful Warning.

I know, in my head, that I should be exercising more. I even know in my body. This minute, having ridden my bike for 45 minutes in the sun and wind, I feel it in my heart. But I forget. Pretty much daily.

So what I am hoping for is friendly reminders. Ask me if I’ve ridden my bike. Ask me if I’ve been outside. Remind me that I feel better afterwards. Tell me to turn the music up louder in my headphones when I go to aerobic purgatory at the gym to bike or walk or ellipt without going anywhere. Come with me. Anybody want to roller skate? Ice skate? Hike at a very simple and basic level? Try zumba (I am not even entirely clear on what it is, but I bet I can make a real fool of myself trying it out!!!)? Play tag? Football? Soccer? Badminton? Swim? I have the aerobic capacity of your average 80 year old, but the enthusiasm of a second grader. And I’d like to have the body of, say, myself, ten or twenty years ago.


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Oct. 13th, 2011 06:15 am (UTC)
Some weekend hikes are a definite possibility. Keep me and Penni appraised of your availability.

We're doing a very gentle, kid-friendly group hike this Saturday to gather apples and chestnuts at one of the open spaces on Skyline/35 (I think Skyline Ridge, but will have to verify). Interested?
Oct. 13th, 2011 12:56 pm (UTC)
Sounds awesome! I would love to! Kid-friendly is pretty much exactly my speed! Details?

xoxo js
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