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So I have written exactly nothing in too long. Part of it is my new addiction to my bike. I am like a kid who gets extra recess when I ride my bike. I missed it when I was in San Diego over the weekend.

The exercise update is that, in addition to riding my bike, I've been doing my usual weights work (Thank you, Mark, for your helpful reminders!!!). In San Diego, I had to do other cardio machines, which bored me and compressed my back in painful ways and made me miss my bike more as well as the Vacation exercises I got from the Goddess of Heavy Objects (and even the Evil-Trek-Through-Mongolia Lunges, since there is absolutely nothing about the kind of lunges where I have to put one foot up on a bench behind me, bend my forward leg, and then move my upper body parallel to the floor and back to perpendicular before straightening my forward leg that seems like a Vacation) and a little bit of yoga. Short version: lots of exercise happening. Weight loss: not so much.

My plan for blog reform is this: Brent and I and T. are off to Australia for six weeks starting Sunday (Syd will come to Sydney for a couple weeks over Christmas). While I am there, I will be outside my normal routines AND having travel adventures; in other words, I will have more time to write and more stuff to write about that might even turn out to be interesting.



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