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Australia Dy Ten: In which we stay home

I seem to have accidentally worn T.R. out. He did not emerge from his room until about 10:30 this morning. He decided on a lay-low day rather than more adventures. I was fine with that, myself. I even took a nap. When I woke up, T. was asleep and has been for at least a couple of hours now.

I did a little shopping while he was sleeping (gym towels, ant killer, Coke, hairspray, secret stuff for Christmas…). The hairspray, I admit, is an experiment. My hair does not cope with wind. It flies everywhere and becomes elf locks, making me look even funnier than usual and making me curse more expressively when I have to comb it out. The nice lady in the pharmacy helped me out, having agreed that something to keep the little tendrils in place in addition to the ponytail would be helpful.

I also kept myself amused reading this book:

T.R. and I are both Walter Moers fans. To say that he has an active imagination is as much an understatement as saying that, say, Lance Armstrong likes to bike a little. The story is scarier than some of his other books, so sensitive kids might not want to read before bed. Foodies can rejoice in descriptions of fabulous meals. Two thumbs up.

I brought this book with me from home. In the background, you can see the drawing of myself I did today, complete with pre-hairspray ponytail. I’ve been wanting to play with this book for a while—I’ve had it for years and started to do the exercises a long time ago, but got distracted and am just now starting over:

And, since none of that stuff is specifically Australian, I offer this picture of my new favorite breakfast cereal, which includes wattle seeds:

Tomorrow we’ll be back to adventuring!!!!

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