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The day started out beautiful, so I am glad I took my walk around the neighborhood then! I sat for a bit in the rose garden across the street, went up the (now not difficult) hill to get more ferry passes, and peered around at the neighborhood houses, flowers, and such. When I got back, T. was up and chatted over his breakfast. Chatting over breakfast became a theme when Brent got up and wanted to try the café at the top of our hill and I went along just for fun, my breakfast having occurred long before. It was as we began to walk home that the heavens opened. I had to change when we got home.

At that point, our general laziness coalesced into a desire for a day at home doing nothing. Some kinds of doing nothing are better than others. T. finished reading The Lord of the Rings (to himself this time), which made him happy. I tried taking a nap, but ended up having disturbing dreams about trying to save a baby who died. Brent watched television until he decided to nap instead.

Finally, I settled on the couch with a blanket and The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. I bought the book (for $14.95, not the outrageous prices I see at Amazon) at the shop in the botanical gardens. Sungglepot and Cuddlepie look like little Eucalyptus nuts (gumnuts, to Australians) and they have other nut and blossom friends, as well as animal ones. Unfortunately, they are pursued by the evil snakes and the Banksia men. Very small adventures ensue. The illustrations are charming. Why do I tell you all this? Because it is my Australian experience of the day! The book is apparently a well-loved children’s classic here—the man behind the counter at the shop where I bought it smiled like a preschooler at the memory of the stories. Here is one of Snugglepot's and Cuddlepie's animal friends, a jerboa:



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