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I did not take any photos today. This is a fossil from yesterday, just so I have something here to relieve the boredom of my prose:

T. and I both woke up lazy this morning. We did validate our general usefulness by going to the store, although we were far more motivated by lack of Coke than by any high-minded ideas of keeping the home running smoothly or anything.

It appears that the new book supply that we acquired the other day is going to be hopelessly inadequate for T.R. Since yesterday, he has read two books and is currently reading his third.

For the record, I am reading what he finishes. Today I read Walter Moers’s book A Wild Ride Through the Night and the second in the Skulduggery Pleasant series. T. read the Walter Moers before we went shopping for new books. He has read both the second and third Skulduggery books and is currently engaged in the most recent Septimus Heap book. So far, thumbs up all round and I am reliably informed that at long last the annoying bolding of words in Septimus Heap has abated; I will confirm with my own eyes later.

For variety, we both drew for a while, T. completing a winged demon riding on a wolf and I producing a modified contour drawing of my hand and another of an onion. Next I am supposed to do a tree or plant, which is not as easy as it might be since it the rain is back. Maybe tomorrow?

Brent has an outing this evening with alums from business school. T. and I are going out for pizza.



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