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Australia Days 20 to 22: In which SYD gets to SYD!

The best summary of Sunday and Monday is: rainy. However, today, day 22 of our adventure, has been only cloudy with occasional sun. Best of all: SYD IS HERE!!!

T. and I got up early to get to the airport in time to wait a lot for Syd to arrive. T. brought a book. I watched people get happy to be together again, which is particularly fun when there are grandparents and small children involved, while I tried not to worry that Something Would Go Wrong with me stuck outside the security gates unable to fix it. Of course, nothing did go wrong and Syd is perfectly capable of fixing things himself.

We hurried him home to get him into water as quickly as possible. If you need this explained, you have not flown continuously for as many hours as it takes to get from San Francisco to Australia or you have far more fully embraced your internal medieval person than either Syd or I will ever do. Then we fed him.

Thus refreshed, Syd felt able to look at a few things in a casual sort of way. We went back to the Hyde Park Barracks. It was less infested with kids on field trips today, so I got to read all the text about the rats and the excavation. Also, since it was not pouring, we explored some of the outbuildings, including the district court.

Here is a picture of a keyhole and doorknob, because I liked them:

We walked back to the quay through a small slice of the botanical garden. I liked this lion because he has a surprised expression and because he has a purple blot on his muzzle:

This last photo is, obviously, grass in plots. What is perhaps slightly less obvious is that each plot is a different variety of grass, showing the subtle gradations in texture and color across the varieties. I love that kind of stuff:


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