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Australia Day 30: In which there is water

As you can see in the picture, our Christmas tree has absorbed the “magic water.” This is good, but I wish that the directions had been more clear about how it was all going to work because the decorative bead thing is now essentially invisible in the forest of leaf-things. The leaf-things fall off if one touches them, so I am going to make no move to redecorate.

T.R. did not entirely feel like waking up today, so he chose to stay home and vegetate while Syd and I went shopping for some Not-The-Season-To-Be-Asking-Questions stuff for people at home and to the Maritime Museum.

The museum, like many I have returned to, has a new exhibit since I was there earlier. This one was about water. I tend to zone out whenever anyone says “multimedia.” I know that in part this is because I have not learned to appreciate video installations as art and in part because I don’t like chairs that poke me in the back with “insects” while I’m watching a show. However, the multimedia part of this exhibit was consensual and voluntary and pretty darn cool. I am a sucker for running water in any context and give bonus points for images projected on water screens. Plus the “guides” gave us water-drop shaped lights to hold. Super extra bonus points for the projections on the surrounding screen showing water up to about my waist that we could wave at and make waves and splashes. Anyone surprised that I like the small child things?

The content, however, was depressing. Shadow children appeared in a ring on the screen and one of them dissolved every 20 seconds to represent the world deaths from water related causes affecting children. There were dead fish, schools of plastic bottles, and waves of oil washing up on beaches like some kind of zombie parody.

I wanted hope to be extended at the end, but it really wasn’t. I was left with more questions. Lots more questions.

I’m from California, so I get the whole conservation thing. I can even decry the growing of rice in my state as a questionable use of water. I’m also from Berkeley, so I get the thing about not polluting and recycling and avoiding plastics and all the additional hippie stuff that goes with it. What I’m not clear on is how to affect the water inequalities on a global level. Please, knowledgeable people, point me toward enlightenment.


On another completely different subject, I would just like to suggest that if a furnished apartment has a single baking pan, it might be a good idea if it actually fits in the oven. That is all.

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