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It rained again today. T. had already decided he was going nowhere because he still has homework to finish and perhaps also that he’d had enough running around for a while. Syd, on the other hand, talked me into going out to play in the rain. Once again I have been tricked into doing more exercise than I intended!

We went back to the botanical garden, but this time we walked along the harbor path to Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, a seat carved out of the rock where Mrs. M. liked to sit and look at the view. The view today was not particularly picturesque, featuring rain and commercial ships, but it was a nice walk. Some optimistic souls had planned a romantic picnic lunch and huddled under the rock overhang to enjoy their loaf of bread, bottle of wine, etc.

Here is Syd making friends with a tree (or, alternatively, experiencing compulsory modeling):

The pink flowers were particularly lovely today. Here is a water lily:

I know I should know the name of this flower, but I don’t:

We had lunch in the botanical garden’s central café, wandered around a bit more on our way out of the garden, and then went shopping.

I now own my very own piece of aboriginal art! It is all safely packed away in a tube by the nice gallery man, so I am leaving it there rather than unrolling it to take its picture, but I now have beauty and brightness for my wall at home.

Then I did something truly nutty. I bought myself some Uggs. My feet have been killing me. They are now encased in fluffy clouds of comfort:

The kids inform me that I am only allowed to wear them outside the house under certain circumstances: no short shorts, no skirts, and preferably not with them. Since I do not own a single pair of shorts, rarely wear skirts, and don’t care that much if I am embarrassingly dressed, I think I’ll manage.



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