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Almost every day we’ve been here, we’ve ridden the ferry and stopped at the Luna Park dock before proceeding on to wherever we were going. Today we went to visit the park itself:

I love the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, so this was my kind of place. I like carnival rides and carousel music and healthy lunches of fries, fairy floss, and ice cream. Bright colors! Clowns on stilts! Balloons! Little kids going nuts with excitement!

T. and Brent were very patient with me. They rode the Rotor (where the floor drops out and we were stuck to the wall!) and the carousel (but I went twice) and the bumper cars. T. says I am paid back for the Mme. Tussaud’s horror section now that he went on the Flying Saucer with me; it is one of those big wheels where you stand around the edge while it spins and then rises up in the air while spinning so you get to look at the sky and the ground and laugh a lot. T. files it under “never again.” We had a great time riding the Wild Mouse roller coaster (and I flagrantly disobeyed the “Do Not Giggle” sign).

As many of you know, carousels are my favorite. The one today was a good one. Originally, it was steam driven:

It had an organ, also retired in favor of electronic speakers:

Here is one of the more beautiful horses:

I really wanted a shirt like the employees have for uniforms because they are bright blue and red and they have Just For Fun embroidered on the back and Luna Park on the front. They do not sell them, but I’m tempted to go look at the Interwebs to see if I can find one. They did have this shirt, which T. needed:



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